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[Debconf-team] Meeting reminder: 10 May 2016, 18:30 UTC

Hi all

Please add your items to the agenda:  http://deb.li/DC16meet1

Please note I will not be able to attend this meeting.

Agenda items so far:

1. Please make a countdown banner!
2. Open Weekend: local volunteers needed to contact local groups:
3. Catering

    Minutes: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Meetings/2016-05-04

Actions from last week
tumbleweed to visit CMC, and figure out early/late attendees
tumbleweed to take flowers and/or chocolate along
tumbleweed to look at UCT tennis club (also for cheese & wine)
dumbassman to wikify day trip options
tumbleweed to get an insurance quote for on-site equipment
indiebio to cotact G4S for security quote
indiebio to contact insurance people for options?
nattie and indiebio catch up on Fuller, room allocations

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