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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-video] subtitling 101

in-line :-

On 03/05/2016, alberto fuentes <pajaro@gmail.com> wrote:
> moving this to debconfsubs-team ml
> reply inline

Dear alberto,
One more query, why is debconfsubs team on the alioth infrastructure,
shouldn't it have been on the debconf infrastructure along with other
mailing lists ?


I tried to find the answers if any, on the beginning of current
archives which are from 31st March 2014 and it didn't have any
clue/input on that.



> Well, you need a first connection to start the sub and another to save.
> Yes, these two connections are needed Im afraid. In exchange, it provides a
> fast workflow even if you havent sub before.

ok, will check again amara and see how it goes.

> There is also tips for subbing offline on the wiki. For the transcription
> part, any text editor is suitable, and you can upload it to amara for the
> synchronization part half way through or just use other of the offline
> editors. All workflows are available. Choose one that suits you :)

Umm... do people share workflows ? For instance, if a person just put down
the conversation/s in a text-editor  and pass the result as a txt file
which somebody else then puts the time-stamp on, have these sort of
collaborations taken place. At least from the mailing list archives,
it doesn't seem to happen on the mailing list, so probably more in
real-time and on IRC ?

Could you elaborate on the same.


> I dont think such thing can be done beforehand, because you dont know whats
> going on in the video. You cant guess when subs are going to be needed
> (otherwise you wouldnt need to sync subs afterwards indeed :))
> That said, such script does not seem that hard to implement if you want to
> try
ok. thanx for the feedback on that .

>> Another query I have, either it's subtitleeditor's fault or .srt
>> format (or something I don't know) but if I change the time on one
>> subtitle, the other lines do not change.
>> [..]
>> Now in this modified version, the time-stamp of the first line changed
>> from what was original and if I were to play it, the first line of the
>> subtitle would merge with the second line when it crosses 00:00:01,488
>> but there doesn't seem to be a way to fix that automatically. If
>> somebody knows a way to automatically check and either fix or show the
>> user where such merging, overlapping happens it would make it also
>> easier. This is more for fixing subs. though, not creation so much.
> If the problem is about shifting times of the whole sub any editor allows
> this:
> http://docs.aegisub.org/manual/Shift_Times
> If the problem is only about overlapping when moving one piece, amara
> editor moves it automatically the start of the next piece, I dont remember
> much about other editors, but its probably possible as well

I don't know about amara but in subttileeditor this doesn't work. The
software doesn't automatically change the time, you have to change it

It is possible though that there may be some configuration parameter
that I'm missed out on.

Btw I noticed that the Videoteam wiki tends to focus on aegisub even
though in one of the pages it is shared that aegis sometimes crashes.


Is there some reason for using and recommending aegisub ?

As far as upstream is concerned, aegisub seems to be dead from :-


When there are no commits for 4 years the project is either dead or in limbo.

I did file #823373 for aegisub, although that is probably more of ab upstream


> This might be a blessing or might be a curse. Yes, videos are available
> when theres more people interest to help, but also when they have less time
> due to having the debconf going on. And also, as the videos were up the
> same day, we didnt had an big announcement about the videos being available
> like in previous years, that made it to the news outlets, aka, lwn,
> slashdot, hackernews... which caused less visibility overall
> Since only a wee tiny % of people you reach gets interested, the solution
> is to reach out to more people... but how :)

Couple of ways I *think*, although it's possible it had been tried
before and didn't succeed  :-

a. Have a room, corner called subtitling and dedicated time when
people can go to that room in order to either help out or to take
advice from experienced subber/s . They should know that there would
be somebody to help them at that appointed time.

b. Have a debconfsubs handle at the #debconf and then lure people who
are interested in subtitlng to #debconf-subs channel.

Look forward to what you think of the above.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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