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Re: [Debconf-team] Fwd: Catering Booking Fee

Hi Tammy,

Can you confirm the budgetory prices so I can update the budget, worst case scenario?


On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 10:36:50 PM Tammy Manning wrote:
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>From: Tammy Manning <mungojoed@gmail.com>
>Date: Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 5:30 PM
>Subject: re: Catering Booking Fee
>To: nkukard <nkukard@lbsd.net>, Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org>,
>Daniel Lange <dl.ml1@usrlocal.de>
>Cc: debconf team list <debconf-team@lists.debconf.org>
>Hi Everyone
>Please see the invoices attached from the Caterers to secure the Booking.
>For DebCamp and DebConf 16.
>They are willing to do the payment in Phases as we are unsure of numbers.
>1) TBC have asked for R10 000 now so we can book the dates and know that
>they are ours and
>2) 50% of estimated quotes payable on close of registration
>3) Balance of final quotes on confirmation of final numbers no less than
>two weeks prior to event commencing
>4. Final payment due on presentation of final invoice after the event for
>extras ie: special requests, changes to menu, breakages and shortages,
>additional staff wages, etc etc.
>2) Rondebosh Caterers - Matt Fox is asking for R20 000 now
>1) 50% 3 weeks prior to the event and
>2) the full amount at the end of the event.
>I am not sure what funds are available but would this be a possibility - to
>secure them for now.


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