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[Debconf-team] News from Montreal's bid team

Dear dc-team,

We're happy to announce that we've worked in another venue option which
has became a quite interesting one!

In a previews email we presented some details about having DebConf17 at
Collège de Maisonneuve. We keep in contact with them and everything is
going really well.

The good news now comes from the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS).
As of today, we have received confirmation from ÉTS that they will be
offering the venue at no cost. This is possible thanks to cooperation
with Maison du Logiciel Libre[0]. In the next few days, more details
about the ÉTS venue will be made available on the wiki[1].

[0] https://maisonlogiciellibre.org/

This is good news for the Montreal bid, because we now have two great
venue options.

Do not hesitate if you have any question!


DebConf17 Montreal's bid team

Alexandre Viau

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