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Re: [Debconf-team] Getting the DC15 final report done (sprint: 2015-08-31 1900 UTC)


As a general remark, I think the debconf-data/reports git repo should be
split up by year, cause it's really big.  So best do that before lots of
works starts (in case we use git at all).

I wanted to quickly check out what the section layout was for the DC14
report, and it took ages to clone.

In related news, I started a skeleton DC15 report during DebCamp and uli
Scholler said he would help with typesetting again.  On the other hand,
I heard from the DC16 camp that they might try scribus this time.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 11:07:06PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> tl;dr: We'll convene on IRC for a final report sprint on Monday, 31
> August, 1900 UTC.
I'm on the road then.

> One idea that's been floating around is to severely reduce the
> length of the report. Last year's report was almost 50 pages,¹ and
> only very few people will read that. Most sponsors probably don't,
> as they mostly care about the highlights of the conference, the
> numbers and finances, topped with a bit of executive summary (e.g.
> by the DPL) and maybe some more interesting stuff (e.g. statistics)
> in the appendix.


> ¹) http://media.debconf.org/dc14/report/DebConf14_final_report.en.pdf
> On the other hand, it'd be an oversight if we didn't document also
> the topics we consider integral to our conference, e.g. the
> cheese&wine party, or the day trip, etc.. The final reports are very
> useful for people joining our team for gaining a basic understanding
> of what we're doing.
> Bernelle of DC16 fame suggested to write it all on the wiki, at
> first, and then we can move stuff to TeX later. This approach
> enables both: we can create a condensed PDF for sponsors and
> interested attendees, but we also keep track of everything for later
> perusal on the wiki.

Sounds good.
My thoughts:

1. Fold the DPL section as an extensive quote into the
introduction/executive summary which also includes the `welcome' and
`purpose' sections.

2. Fold `daytrip', `confdinner', `cheeseandwine' and `freetime' into one
highly condensed `activities' or so section.

3. Fold `venue' and `food' into one and keep that around, mostly because
the venue was really great and I don't want reader who weren't there WTF
at 'hostel'.

4. Have lots of quotes from (i) sponsors (might be most difficult), (ii)
invited/features speakers (I can reach out to them) and (iii) venue

5. I think we should keep the `credits' section. We obviously have to
keep the `sponsors' sections

6. I'd prefer to have a short `talks' section, mostly to highlight the
invited/featured speakers.

7. Drop `video' (to be mentioned in the summary of course), `network'
(the uplink upgrade can be mentioned as well) and `registration'
sections from the PDF version.


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