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Re: [Debconf-team] [Coordination] Timeline changes proposal for DC16

also sprach Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@debian.org> [2015-08-25 08:10 +0200]:
> > or people registering because we tell them to, but then never
> > reconfirming, because they don't intend to attend anymore.
> I don’t follow it. I think we will have the same problem with
> people not registering but with preregistration.

The difference between registration&reconfirmation is that people
might lean back thinking they're registered and never bother to look
again or even read our e-mails.

We want to prevent this state. We want to communicate clearly to
them that "pre-registration" is nothing other than the expression of
interest, and additionally a requirement for event submission and
sponsorship requests.

I would even consider *not* calling it pre-registration, as that is
too close to "registration". Maybe "enrollment" instead?

> What about end of official registration (to have guarantee
> t-shirt, bag, printed badge …)?

I think this is a good idea, in addition to a defined maximum and
possibly earlier closing. We can always save a few seats and open up
registrations short-term again if we think that this will attract
interesting people.

> > This year we had the submission deadline in the middle of the
> > reconfirmation process, which meant that approved talks were not
> > announced until after the reconfirmation process had ended. Also,
> > bursaries was interested in knowing if an attendee had submitted a
> > talk and the approval status of it when deciding whether to sponsor
> > them or not, but this information was not available at all. It is my
> > opinion that both things should be avoided if possible.
> I don’t see this as a huge problem. There are not many people
> (AFAIK) who needs a talk to get sponsorship, and I’m not sure
> giving 10 more point to people having an approved talk (for travel
> sponsorship, just an example) will help DebConf to have the best
> talks (vs. many talks).

How about we try it and then compare?

If getting a talk approved is a sure-fire way to get travel
sponsorship then people will have an incentive to submit events, and
do so earlier than before.

If we walso manage to keep the standards for talk approval high,
then the content team will have a harder job choosing from all the
submissions, but the net result will be a higher quality standard.

Note that quality here can be defined as we want and needs not be
limited to e.g. presentation skills (difficult for non-native
speakers). Diversity, influence of a subject, etc. can also all be

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