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[Debconf-team] Buttons for DC16 at DebConf15: what to do?

Hi all!

We managed to get buttons made, advertising DebConf16 in Cape Town
(image attached). There are 600 in total, 400 with a Table Mountain
design, and 200 more of the various colours.

I have two questions please:

1. How should we distribute them? Are they to be sold as merch, or
given out at will by the DC16 team, or what?

2. If we do decide to sell them, what is the procedure, for how much?
They cost ZAR5, which is less than 50 Euro cents. We could sell them
for 1 EURO and use the profit for small costs, but on the flip side,
this means we need to collect money and stuff.

Please advise.


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