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[Debconf-team] Call for volunteers for DebConf sites (for both python/django and html/css/js)

Hello DebConfers,

We are planing the sites for next debconfs and we would like to form a
real team for such website (registration, schedule, homepages).

As you probably are aware, we constantly lack "web designers".  Debconf
already has designers (logo, and general design), but maintaining the
websites requires constant love and designing a lot of details (e.g.
how to display schedule in a userfriendly way, which details should it
include, etc.).  If you want to help, please contact us (very basic
knowledge of html/css is already an improvement of the current state).

Additionally we need more developers for the code, to share workload and
implement a lot of missing things (assassins, easy editable debconfXX
(home)pages by orga, many special views for orga, ...).  Probably we will
use Python with Django, so if you want to help and you have basic Python
skills you are welcome.

Today (now) we will have a discussion about the future system:
on Thursday 2015-08-13 at 10:00.  Note: this event will be also a test
for the video team, so you can probably participate online (see
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Videostream and also
in IRC: #debconf-team on OFTC).

If you have experience with conference systems, or other complex websites,
or just if you want to share your ideaa, please join or write us in
next days/weeks.


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