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Re: [Debconf-team] Debconf15 open weekend admittance

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On 11/08/15 19:51, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> [2015-08-11 09:43
> +0200]:
>> There doesn't appear to be any reply to this request for 
>> confirmation on this thread
>> I also don't see any other threads about the issue of the open 
>> weekend and how people understood this would work.
>> The page about the open weekend[1] only mentions registration in
>> the context of Teckids and otherwise it says "we welcome anyone"
> I've updated the webpage.

It now says "we may be forced to close the doors"

It doesn't say whether people are (or were) expected to register for
the open weekend attendance, could somebody clarify that?

Given that this page has been like that for a while, could it be worth
sending an email to the -announce list with "Open Weekend access" in
the subject?

>> The information about the party just says it is Elsewhere[2] so
>> it is also not clear whether it is the same registration or
>> whether it is some other venue that may well be more open
> There is no other venue. We tried and didn't succeed in finding 
> anything usable.
>> Looking at just one mailing list post from Saturday[3], it
>> appears that there are people who are traveling to Heidelberg
>> anticipating that visitors are welcome at the open weekend.  I
>> would be surprised if other people haven't formed a similar
>> impression. This could be counter-productive to Debian as a whole
>> if people arrive to visit the open weekend and get a blunt
>> response from the front desk.
> Unfortunately, if push comes to shove, that's what we'll be forced 
> to do. We might be able to give them presents to make it better.

The release team already gives them a wonderful present every 2 years,
what else could they need?

Realistically, is there anything that can take place outside the
venue, could there be a food van so people don't go away hungry?  Will
the front desk need extra volunteers to greet people and explain what
is going on?

>> Was there any sign that people were registering on the spur of
>> the moment after the slashdot post[4]?  Could the team email
>> those people who registered recently and ask them to de-register
>> if they are unlikely to really come, to free up space for day
>> visitors?
> If someone doesn't show up, we have no problem. The concern is not 
> about number of registrations on the website, but about capacity
> of the venue.
>> Is it likely that the registrations will open again from Sunday 
>> night once the open weekend is over and the team has a better 
>> understanding of crowd sizes?
> Anything is possible.
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