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Re: [Debconf-team] Quest on DebConf15

Hi Martin: 

I just talked to the University of Heidelberg administrative office, and telephonically met a lady in charge for the puraches department. She said she is not in charge, but she will try her level best to get a knowlegdeable person in contact with me. She will call back shortly.

While we were talking she asked me about a couple of metrics that they need to know:

- How many attendants?
- Which dates exactly do you need the location?
- do you need presentation technology?
- do you need drinks, food, catering?
- do you need specials (Please state)?
- is there a budget for a possible room rent, and if so, how much? They probaly will charge something..

The lady just called again: 
contacts at the university
Raum: Dezenat Bau und Liegenschaft (Sekretariat, Frau Bartunek, 54-3665), (Frau Stier 54-3866 for room rent)

I am going to call them now, but I need your info urgently

Thanks, Joe

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also sprach Joerg Lorenz <joerg@firemail.de> [2015-08-09 18:39 +0200]:
> Hi, It might help if we exchange mobile numbers in case of short
> notice response needs: Mine is +49 163 48 47 241

+49 177 8508032.

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