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[Debconf-team] Unmanned video setup/BoF remote participation


This year we a have a large number of BoF proposals, as well as quite a number
of small meeting rooms that can be used for them.

The largest of these meeting rooms (called Amsterdam) with a capacity of up to
45 attendees is the one that we have designated as "Main BoF room". For the
smaller rooms (15 to 20 people) we had originally considered that it wouldn't
make sense to have a full video setup, and they would be used for in-person
meetings only.

But there's an important part of video setup that would be lost in that case,
as for the BoFs, having a video setup would provide a way for remote viewers
to participate in the discussion, using irc to relay their comments.

And, even though the BoFs per se might have a small audience, the results of
such a meeting can be invaluable to Debian, and so, it's currently quite a
hard decision for the content team that has to choose among the BoFs, which
ones are going to have video and allow remote participation.

So, two things come to mind to improve the situation:
- To have an unmanned video setup, with only an open ambient mic and an open
camera. This could reduce some of the overhead in the video team for a small
- To use an open source voip solution (such as mumble) to improve the remote
participants experience, reducing the need for the irc relayer, and allowing
the voice of the remote participants to be recorded.

Both options have been discussed in some previous meetings but I'm not sure if
there is someone actually aiming to make this a reality, or if the video team
was even consulted about these options.

So, would it be possible to have some unmanned video setup? Do we need some
extra hardware? Is someone willing to drive this?

Would it be possible to use mumble (or similar) to allow remote participation
in the meetings? Is someone willing to drive this?

Either option would greatly simplify the content team's decision process, as
we wouldn't have to demote as many BoF proposals to in-person only and we
could instead, have the inner team discussions in a smaller room with some way
of remote participation, either video + irc, just audio, or even both if
someone wants to make them both a reality.

Happy hacking,
"The sooner you start to code, the longer the program will take."
-- Roy Carlson
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