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[Debconf-team] Debian booth at DebConf15 Open Weekend and its Merchandise


during Open Weekend of DebConf15 (15–16 August 2015), the Debian Project
could have a booth, so this post is a call for organisers/volunteers to
organise/staff such a booth on those two days.

There will be a booth from the FSFE, plus several from our sponsors, so
having a dedicated Debian booth sounds like a good idea. Even if it's
our conference anyway, it'll give people a place to ask questions and
possibly purchase merchandise.

While the folks from FSFE have offered to sell merchandise for us, we
think it would be less confusing for visitors and more beneficial for
Debian to have a dedicated booth during the weekend.

Would there be people willing to do this?

The other question is: is there some left-over merchandise from any of
the european stockpiles and if so, does it make sense to use that for
DebConf? It might make for some difficult accounting if we got stuff
from different places. Somebody would have to coordinate that as well.
Another possiblity would be that each stockpile-holder sells their
merchandise themselves.

Alternatively, we are already thinking about possibly ordering some new
batches of merchandise.

Finally, remaining merchandise could be sent off to FrOSCon in case
there will be a Debian booth there, of which we are not sure, anybody
know something about this?

For the DebConf15 team,


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