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[Debconf-team] Final weekend (partly) outline


we seem to have a confirmation that we can screen "Citizenfour". Also,
we have a confirmation that Jacob Appelbaum will give a keynote/talk
during the second half of DebConf.

So in order to flesh out the second weekend outline, I propose the

Friday afternoon or evening (before and/or after dinner): CryptoParty

Friday evening or night (after CryptoParty): Citizenfour Screening

Saturday late morning: Jacob Appelbaum Keynote

Does that sound reasonable?  Is anybody willing to organize the

Further options/questions:

1. Have some GnuPG/Cryptography hackfest/sprint Saturday afternoon (and

2. Should we again schedule the release team talk[1] for Saturday
afternoon, before the closing session?

3. Other comments/remarks?

For the content team,


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