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[Debconf-team] Update on team membership

Hi everybody,

A bit late, as the meeting is about to start (sorry, real life took a
toll on all of us), but we want to send a update on the re-org process.
In this past week we got some new replies to our call for members for
the fundraising team:

harmoney (maybe)

And the lead nominations were updated too:

bgupta (x10)
vorlon (x 5)
hamoney (x 3)
madduck (x 3)
wendar  (x 3)

Just to make sure it is clear, we did not count self-nominations for
leads, and some people voted more than once. Those numbers indicate how
many times someone else has appointed that person.

We also want to ask you (the fundraising team) to work on writing down
what are the team responsibilities, rough timelines and processes, so
everybody knows what can they expect from the team, and what they can
not. The place to formalise this is in this new wiki page:

Thanks for your cooperation and see you at the meeting!

Tincho, on behalf of the DebConf chairs.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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