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[Debconf-team] DC15 team IRC meeting tonight (Sept. 15th - 19 UTC)

Hi all,

The DC15 team (in other DebConf editions known as "local team") will
meet tonight at 19 UTC.  Due to popular demand, this meeting will take
place on #debconf-team. This is an experiment to see if participants
(particularly non debconf-team regulars) feel comfortable having the
meeting there, and how it goes in general.

These are the items in the agenda:

* Electing a "poker"
* Verein status
* Website status
* Child care at DC15
* CCC and FrOSCon dates
* DC14 final report
* Budget (looking for volunteers)
* Fundraising (looking for volunteers)
* Airline partnerships
* General schedule format
* Time slot lengths
* Day trip (looking for volunteers)
* Conference dinner (looking for volunteers)

In order to prepare for the meeting, the wiki includes some extra
background for some of the items, and who is in charge of each item:


I will be chairing the meeting and I will do my best to enforce a 1
hour long duration.


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