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[Debconf-team] DebConf fundraising team/brochure

In the interest of helping fundraising work push forward quickly and
smoothly, we want to make two points as DebConf Chairs:

1. While we are very glad to see that local fundraising efforts for
DebConf15 are starting already, we are worried that starting official
fundraising team meetings now, without including past members, could be
detrimental to a healthy long-term fundraising effort.

We therefore want to accelerate re-formation of the DebConf fundraising
team. We will recruit and document members of that team as soon as
possible, using the approach agreed in the DebConf14 sessions. We will
reach out to past members of the team, including previous local
fundraisers, to form a new team, and canvass for a team lead. We hope
that about a week from now, that team can formally start the fundraising

2. We are very happy to see that people have new ideas to try in
fundraising, and excited to see the great new brochure that has been
prepared. We also agree that the brochure needs to go out soon. We
understand that some people are still unhappy about some of the new
ideas, but we don't think that there is a need to get final agreement
from the whole DebConf team at this time on every point that has been
contentious, as long as a few of the specific promises are made a little
vaguer. We will discuss a small diff for that later today -- we don't
intend to *prevent* any of the current ideas, just to avoid firm
commitments that go beyond what the overall team has yet been able to
agree on.

Again, this is because we don't want to jeopardise the current effort to
re-form DebConf subteams by presenting people who should be in those
teams with faits accomplis which may make them feel excluded from

Thank you to everyone working on fundraising, and on all other DebConf

Moray, Tincho and Tassia.

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