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Re: [Debconf-team] How do people feel about dispensing with the historical 1+ month break from organizing activities that takes place after DebConf?

also sprach Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> [2014-08-25 18:33 -0700]:
> I've observed it over the years, and feel that if we can summon
> the strength to stay engaged, we can use the extra time, lessons
> are still fresh from DebConf.


I also think we should have a hand-over day or two post-DC15, where
the DC15 team can discuss and share experiences with DC16 (and
whoever else cares), and write the frickin' final report together.

For this year, we do have DC governance to manage too, so the
plate's already very full. However, I already see discussions about
the format of DC14 and ideas for next year taking place (e.g.
lightning talks, shorter sessions, further catering for the needs of
people), and I think we should not postpone those, but rather set
ourselves a non-too-distant timeline to make a decision in this

What I find *much* more demotivating and crippling than DebConf orga
and DebConf itself are threads that just churn along without a goal,
nor a decision made. We should change that too, while we're at it ;)

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