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[Debconf-team] Please make a DC15 decision before March — poll included

Dear team,

I would kindly like to ask you to make a decision for a DC15 by the
end of February. The two venues in the .de bid are really popular
and I fear that we won't be able to hold our options there (no
official options/reservations, but vocal promises) beyond March.

Also, the earlier we make a decision, the more time we have for
preparing the conference. For instance, making a decision in March
rather than April would give us a month more time to hopefully have
a website up by DC14. And obviously having another month to
negotiate could result in lower cost.

Finally, there are the DPL elections coming up. It would be cool if
we could dive into those with a clear mind.

I understand that the Belgian team is waiting for important
information that they are going to receive within the next two
weeks. I don't think it's going to be asking too much or putting
them under too much pressure to aim for a decision by the end of

I have set up a Dudle poll to see if we can agree on a date already,
just to allow for better planning for everyone. Please participate:



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