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Re: [Debconf-team] Confirmation of DebCamp contract

Hi Philipp,

Le vendredi, 14 juin 2013 16.40:02, Philipp Hug a écrit :
> The DebCamp contract is now confirmed and Didier promised to write a blog
> post and announcement (combined with reconfirmation info)

The DebCamp contract is awesome news! As for my part of the job, the 
provisional blogpost lives there:


As discussed on IRC, we might want to also announce the new name of the 
bursaries team in that announcement (which should probably go to d-d-a in sync 
with the blogpost.

That said, as it includes the opening of the registration period, here's the 
list of things I can think of, that needs changing before opening the 
registration period:

- penta to allow reconfirmation
- penta to allow registration of non-sponsored registration type
- penta to allow registering to DebCamp, including asking for sponsored 
accom+food there
- website updater cronjob to work again (it didn't pull the changes I pushed 
to mark the DebCamp dates)

Who can work on these? I can't really hack Penta (as my Ruby-foo is crap) and 
don't have access to the website updater cronjobo check what happened there…

> DebCamp will start on Tuesday, Aug 6th. The venue is available in the
> morning already.
> We still need to confirm them the first meal: My suggestion would be dinner
> on Tuesday.

That sounds good to me; we can always buy some pic-nic for the earlycomers.



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