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Re: [Debconf-team] what are the steps to volunteer for DebConf13

Hi Alfusainey,
On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 07:44:39PM +0100, JALLOW Alfusainey wrote:
> Having seen the advertisement about DebConf13 at our university website, university of Fribourg, Switzerland, I would kindly want to participate as a volunteer for the upcoming DebConf13. The first step that I took, which I think was a little mistake, was registering to the debconf-team mailing list about three weeks or so ago. Since then, I receive tuns of emails and have no clue, what so ever, about what people are talking about.

Thanks for writing. You did the right thing. When we don't have 
face to face meeting we mainly communicate via list or IRC.

> I am a CS master student and a big fan and user of Debian. I will be interested to volunteer for the Website team. If this team already has enough members, then I am flexible to be assign to any team that needs help. Kindly let me know what's the registration proceedure.

There is no registration procedure. You are welcome to join us for the
next face to face meeting in Bern. The date should be known soon.

I am based in Neuchâtel and will be working on organising Debian Day, an
sub-event for the public, in April. By chance do you travel to Neuchâtel 
sometimes ?


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