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Re: [Debconf-team] DC14 bids: bid teams

Hi Moray,

On Fri, Mar 01, 2013 at 10:39:53PM +0000, Moray Allan wrote:
> Both bid teams give a long list of team members on their wiki pages.

> Do the main team members live in the proposed city?  If not, how far
> away are they?  Are there other bid team members who live closer and
> would deal with local arrangements?

For the Portland bid, the majority of the organizers listed live in the
Portland metropolitan area.  The exceptions are Jonathan McDowell and
Allison Randal, who both live in the same timezone but are not local to

We expect the team is adequate for dealing with local arrangements, and that
there will be a lot that Jonathan and Allison will be able to help with
remotely by phone/email.

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