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[Debconf-team] DC14 bids: money handling

DC14 bid teams,

How do you plan for money handling to work in your proposed location?

For the USA, I assume the answer will be "use SPI", but feel free to comment further.

For Venezuela, the bid page says, "Venezuela has a currency exchange control. It is illegal for people to exchange dollars, euros, other, for bolívares (official currency), unless is done through official institutions. In the past, the country had large losses of money due to the flight of capital. The government implemented a currency exchange control to protect the internal cashflow. This might become an obstacle in our logistic."

I don't think that having to exchange money through official mechanisms is a problem, it just means we need to make our plans using the official exchange rates.

But what are the controls on money entering and leaving the country? Do we need special permissions to send money into the country, and how difficult is that/how long does it take? What about getting money out of the country -- what are the barriers to doing bank transfers to transfer un-spent money (or profit from merchandise etc.) to another country?

Do you know of another international event which dealt with these issues which could tell us about their experiences?


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