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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf 2012

Quoting Edgar Becerra (edgarbs@becerra.org):
> Hello everyone!
> I have no authoritative data, and I'm in a bit of a rush right now, so
> please don't flame me, but, the last one I went to was 2010, and
> intuitively it felt like more than that.

Probably better checking authoritative data from the past Debconfs
final reports:


Debconf 9 had 246 attendees while DC10 had 301.

DC8 (Argentina) had 222 attendees, DC7 (Edinburgh) had over 400, DC6
(Mexico) had 259. I don't have numbers for previous ones

I'm unsure about DC11 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) numbers. "Over 400" is
often read but it might include a lot of Debian Day attendees (Debian
Day in Banja Luka was one of the most crowded ever).

I'm probably wildguessing but I would think that DC12 can expect about
250-300 attendees (travelling to Nicaragua is not that cheap and
convenient as I'm personnally discovering right now....so, some people
might be afraid by this). The overall situation is probably similar to
DC8 but flight costs have significantly increased since then.

PS: I *won't* be afraid by this and I'll be there, of course..:)

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