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[Debconf-team] Local Team meeting october 19

In October 19th we have a meeting with local team.

Meeting summary:

* DebConf12 update
** DebianDay will be july 7th, last day of DebCamp.
** Official dates for DebConf12 july 1-14
** Xamanu is working with the final report
** N0rman is working in the sponsorship brochure, it will be ready by the end of october,
** Leogg is working in the landing page for debconf12.debconf.org, it will be ready by the ned of october.

* Comissions: LocalTeam is making comission in order to work on specific areas
** Website: In charge of the website and wiki.
*** Xamanu and leogg as coordinators. River, Jaime and Cristian supporting the team
** Sponsor: In charge to make sponsorship brochure and looking for sponsors.
*** Denis and Norman as coordinators.
** Accesibility: In charge of making DebConf12 more accesible 
*** Marcelo as coordinator
** Food: In charge of making a good diet for DebConf12 
*** Denis (a.k.a Batusaikun) as coordinator
** Transport: In charge of the coordination of buses
*** William
** Hotels: In charge of negotiations with hotels.  
*** Norman
** Activities: In charge of prepare a schedule for night activities during DebConf
*** Fito
** Visa: In charge of communication with Cancillería in order to help debconfers with visas requests
*** William
** Registration: In charge of suupport the registration team
*** Mauricio

** It was propossed to stabliush relations with universities to get volunteers and help with DebConf tasks.
** Trying to find for english courses for localteam members.
** WIlliam will help with transportation, he can try to get buses to move people during DebConf. 
** It was propossed to have a distinction for the localteam, so debconfers can recognize a localteam member with no problem if assistance is needed.
** Doris will support with redaction on spanish documents.

Norman García Aguilar

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