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[Debconf-team] Regarding the insurance

This is from email from the insurance company, I need your help to
answer these questions ASAP as tomorrow we set up our deadline date to
finish the topic of insurance.


To submit our offer it is essential to provide us with the following:

1 - The duration of the event (from - to)
2 - The list of equipment that would be the subject of insurance
(individual value of each item)
3 -  Venue event address

I) with equipment that would be the subject of insurance we can
provide the following hazards:

1 - Transport and shipping of the equipment to the venue
2 -  Insurance against risk of fire and other hazards while its
"installed" inside of the object.
3 -  Insurance of the equipment in locked rooms of the risks burglary
and robbery.

II) Participants of the event are insured from the result of
unfortunate circumstances (such as accident), and the responsibility
of the event organizer for the damages caused to third persons and
their property. (For this type of insurance you need a list of
participants of the event)


I would need answers as quickly as possible.


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