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[Debconf-team] Size of permanent sponsor logos


Working with sponsor logos again, I noticed that permanent sponsors' 
logos are smaller than the non-permanent ones.

    * bytemark, man-da, rackspace and gandi have logos of about 
      3 000px²
    * LM and linux journal have logos of about 6 000px²

Is it only me finding this inconsistent? For reference, the screen 
estate of "leveled" sponsor logos is:
 platinum 22 000px²
 silver -  9 000px²
 bronze -  6 300px²
 steel  -  4 000px²
All greater than the permanent logos :(
I think we need to either further scale down lower levels, or we need 
to "pin" permanent sponsors at something larger. The wuestion is, how 
large is that "something"?

Whatever the outcome, I'll document it in the size guidelines and the 
sponsor logo size calculator so that the question doesn't recur next 
year :)

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