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[Debconf-team] Room assignments [local team questions]


It is almost time to start looking at specifics of rooms, in
particular, room assignments.  Traditionally, this is done by DebConf

What I know so far is here, but there may be more in other messages I
have missed:
 [wiki-accom] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Accommodation

Clearly, there is a bit of a circular reference here: We would like to
do assignments before knowing exactly how many rooms we want (for
example, to take on how many twin beds or double rooms are needed),
but the hotels would probably want to know how many rooms we need
before saying what we can use.

However, since we have big blocks reserved, we can probably take that
allocation, fit everyone in, and then return the rooms we don't need.

So questions to the local team:

- Can we assign rooms ourselves, and provide it to the hotels?
- Is [wiki-accom] still accurate above for the maximum number of rooms
  per hotel we can have, and their types?
- Can we get floor maps or lists of what rooms we have to work with?


Resources for assigners:

- The prices aren't right on [wiki-accom] and moray said that the
  price structure was very weird, for example two people in a double
  room could be less cost-effective than single rooms.  
- This link is updated every hour with number of rooms requested by
  reconfirmed attendees by date.
  [stats-rooms] http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/only-reconfirmed/rooms-by-date-2.txt
- Prod me for a dump of dates, room preferences, etc.

Let's use [wiki-reg] for room-assignment related planning (if any),
and [wiki-accom] for raw details on rooms.  I'd suggest we list the
rough criteria we use for assigning there, in the interest of
  [wiki-reg] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Registration


- richard

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