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[Debconf-team] 3rd and "4th" room


(mostly just emphasising what Moray already said.)

On Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011, Moray Allan wrote:
> If we need a formally-scheduled third room, we will have to take over
> another ground floor room for it -- there is an excellent room
> upstairs, but this is not accessible to wheelchairs.  Of course,
> groups wanting to hold ad-hoc discussions which happen to only include
> participants who can go upstairs could use this, but I think we as
> organisers have to assume that any discussion group will potentially
> be unable to use this room.

I fully agree. 

> Permanently taking over another ground floor room for
> talks/discussions would, however, cause a trade-off -- it would be
> preferable to use all the additional space there for hacklabs, to
> avoid having most hacklab space upstairs and inaccessible to
> wheelchairs.

I agree with this. If we really need a 3rd room for scheduled stuff, I suggest 
to keep usage low and for each event to individually assign a room for it.


> (In addition, while we wouldn't schedule events there, I imagine a lot
> of groups might want to meet for informal discussions in the outside
> seating of the café-bar between the venue and the hotel.)

I also think this will happen. :-)


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