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Re: [Debconf-team] Final numbers

On Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011, Moray Allan wrote:
> While we can perhaps be somewhat more liberal about deadlines etc. if
> we're not paying for accommodation ourselves, it's unfair on our
> accommodation sponsor to simply jump from that to "anything goes".
> Indeed, they could quite justifiably expect us to be as strict as
> normal.

Absolutly agreed. We should be as strict as usual.
> We should also consider this in relation to e.g. having multiple
> family members join an attendee 

I dont think we should pay for family members or *friends _ever_, with the 
exception of some accompanying a handicapped person, who cannot travel alone.

It's really not in DebConfs interest. If they volunteer, OTOH I see them as 
volunteers, not as friends&family.

AFAIK this year the sponsors hasnt said "we'll sponsor everyone". AFAIK its 
like all the years before, where we'll try to sponsor everyone involved in 
Debian (or DebConf).


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