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[Debconf-team] sponsorlogos sizes mismatch


the sponsor logos currently vary greatly in size. This is not so great. (Many 
steel+bronze sponsors logos are bigger than our gold and platinum sponsors.)

So I was thinking we should define maximum sizes, but this is a bit difficult 
as some are wider than high and some are rather square/round. 

So we need something like:

- not more than 4000 pixels.
- not wider than 100 pixels
- not higher than 100 pixels

This would allow logos of 100x40 or 40x100 or 64x64.

I've not looked how big the current logos are and I dont really care what we 
choose, but we *must* have them consistent.

Can someone (yes, you!) please come up with realistic + workable maximums and 
adopt the logos in size? TIA! This should also be documented in a file in svn, 
probably next to the logos itself.


P.S.: on a related note, one logo has link-text below it. IMO we must remove 
this, or give all sponsors additional link-texts should they want to. I'm 
strongly in favor of removing this text.

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