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[Debconf-team] t-shirt colors and amounts


during our visit in Banja Luka we (localteam, Moray, Adnan & myself) discussed 
the t-shirt colors and came up with the following proposal:

- blue: regular 
- black: volunteers (incl. organizers, we dont do seperate ones)
- orange: video

Vanja will make sure the design is ready in time and that the tshirts will be 
printed in time as well. 

Vanja, can you also ask about attendee bags? We promised our sponsors that we 
would give bags with their logos to the attendees...

About the numbers: 

- regular: # of reconfirmation plus 25  (?)
- volunteers: 60 ?
- videoteam: 70 (dc10 had 50 and that was _barely_ enough. This year I want 
even more video volunteers to share the load better)


Someone should put this up on the tshirt wiki page, I'm writing this offline 
so I cant atm. (And will also be busy the next days so I'd appreciate if 
someone else does. (Vanja?! ;)


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