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Re: [Debconf-team] Travel sponsorship fun, update

>> Second: We just set a date for the IRC meeting. It will be held on
>>   Sunday, 19 June, startng at 18:00 UTC
> great! thanks a lot already! :-)

> "but", when (+how) will we decide and inform about accom+food sponsorship?
> (+inform people and ask for reconfirmation.)

Entirely different area.

Now, am I right that anyone who registered in time and was able to set
its fields to "Sponsored reg" does get food and accom? In that case its
plenty easy.

We can either get a list of people out of pentabarf and mail them
directly, or, as this is a plenty global thing this year, we could send
a mail to dc-a saying something along the lines of

"Everyone who registered before $deadline and who can see the following
[description] in his pentabarf account has it"

bye, Joerg
Linus: "Wenn Darl McBride die Macht hätte, würde er wahrscheinlich die
Ehe als Verletzung der Verfassung auslegen, weil sie ganz klar die
kommerzielle Natur der menschlichen Interaktion entwertet und damit ein
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