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[Debconf-team] Travel sponsorship fun, update


first, there has been an addition to the team: Gregor Herrman got added
on suggestion from our DPL - as our DPL can't be available during our
IRC meeting.

Second: We just set a date for the IRC meeting. It will be held on

  Sunday, 19 June, startng at 18:00 UTC

  (use date -d @1308506400 to see what that means in your local time)

and will be held in a channel limited to the team members.[1] As such we
expect to be able to tell people about their travel sponsorship status
on or after the 20th of June. (Provided someone of our beancounters
tells us how much money we can hand out for sure).

[1] Yes, we realize this works against the openness we all prefer. Sorry
    for that. But this meeting will contain potentially private data and
    us discussing that.
    But the outcome of the whole process is available in pentabarf (our
    ratings) and will be in the -team svn (the final list on which the
    "hand money out" is based), so team members who want to "audit" us
    can do so.

bye, Joerg
Stupid risks are what make life worth living.

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