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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-discuss] Visiting Sarajevo, Day trip or pre/post conference visit to Sarajevo?

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 8:17 AM, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Holger Levsen (holger@layer-acht.org):
>> So yes, the "official daytrip" will be to some place rather close to Banja
>> Luka, but of course daytrip (as the very most things in DebConf) is voluntary,
>> so if some people want to do $stuff instead, thats totally fine. Usually the
>> wiki is a good place to document "alternative options" :-)
> As an example, for DC9 in Caceres, a small gang of people went
> visiting the town of Merida as an alternative to the official
> daytrip. That was, IIRC, about 1h-1h30 drive from the place we were
> at.
> However, I think that imagining that people will *for the day of the
> daytrip* consider a 2x4h-drive option to go and visit Sarajevo, how
> interesting it is....is really a dream.

Well, it's 4 hours by regular buses. Because they stop in every little
city on the way. But by rented but it's more likely to be  3 hours
(with stop) !!!. I understand, it's a trip. But it's a Day Trip too.

> Vedran, if you're as motivated as you seem to be for having your place
> visited and discovered, you really should focus on the weeks before
> and after Debconf.

I'm actually only offering this as alternative option and if there is
enough interest i'm willing to help and to organize this visit for all
of those who wish to visit Sarajevo.

In this case i don't see Sarajevo as "my place" and i'm not doing this
because of me! Please understand that. Sarajevo is one of most
interesting places in this region and worth visiting. Weather it's
because of it's Sarajevo's very rich history, culture diversities,
good food, Sarajevo Film Festival or  just good pubs.

> I'm sure that, among the crowd of people who will visit Debconf,
> several would be ready to spend 2-3 days going through Sarajevo. But
> (purely personal opinion here...but I already attended "a few" DC so I
> think I have a quite good picture of it)...don't waste time on trying
> to organize something for the daytrip.

I don't see it as wasting my time. I'm here for those who are
interested. I'm in position to organize that and i believe that it
would be very pleasant Day Trip.

Last year after DC10 in NYC i stayed 15 more days in USA and visited
Boston-WashingtonDC-Orlando-Miami... all that in 15 days. I know that
going over see is not every year opportunity for me so i tried to use
it as much as possible. And if i knew how Day Trip would be organized
last year i would most likely use that day to visit few museums in
NYC. So, i know that there are people that share my opinion and those
who don't think like that.

So i don't see it as a big deal to offer this.

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