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[Debconf-team] DC11 Bosnia; Pros and Cons

Here is our Pros and Cons list, and with this and some minor changes to
wiki we are sure to say this concludes our DebConf11 bid.

Thank you

------ Pros and Cons ----------------

+ Banja Luka:

+: Full support by local government, including significant financial
support binding papers
+: Skilled and experienced local team with people from Debian and local
Linux communities, as well as the government, media and universities all
over balkans
+: Free venue sponsored by the government with great presentation
facilities + ready2go equipment
+: Free network support by Academic and Research Network [1GB bandwidth,
human resources and equipment]
+: Affordable hotels, food and drinks in close proximity to the venue
with premium services
+: Organized shuttle transport between hotels, venue and other
facilities (e.g: Aquapark, Staklenik bar and so on)
+: Excellent opportunities for fun activities during the free time
including Venue DJ's (rafting, parachuting, camping, horse riding,
climbing, museums, music and film festivals, etc)
+: Tourism: City is in proximity of some very large touristic
attractions, not only located in Bosnia & Herzegovina, but in
neighboring countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro...)

-: International airport in Sarajevo has limited worldwide connections,
as well as limited number of cheap/budget air companies flying on
regular schedule [that's why we are also proposing usage of Zagreb,
Belgrade and Vienna airports)
-: Visa application process might be longer for some countries and
require support from our side [support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

+ Quito:

+: Affordable food and accommodation
+: Tourism
+: Experienced local team

-: Time of conf. given by their Team is between May and July, which
could present a problem for students
-: Poor wiki presentation of the bid, probably caused by their late
-: Without secured financial support from local government or other bodies
-: Limited network connectivity
-: Most services (venue, network, shuttle) are not free
-: Hacklabs operating time
-: Alcohol and smoking restrictions
-: Airport connections

+ Munich:

+: Great road, rail and air connectivity
+: Experienced, large, and mature local team
+: University support for the venue, presentation facilities
+: Good network connectivity

-: Without secured financial support from local government or other
bodies (promises no binding papers of any kind)
-: More expensive food and accommodation
-: Smoking restrictions
-: Very few details on "free/fun time" activities
-: Large list of sponsors but there is not a single legal evidence to
support their claims
-: Visa problems for non-EU citizens
-: Insufficient wiki data about city itself


DC11 Bosnia/Herzegovina team

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