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Re: [Debconf-team] Registration proposal

-=| Ana Guerrero, Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 11:47:17PM +0100 |=-
> Whatever penta says people always seems to be confused, if it were 
> possible
> to have a wiki page linked in the top with every field explained a bit more
> verbosely I think this problem could be minimized this, and hopefully, answer
> the possible questions that are asked every year. In most of the fields, there
> is not much to explain, but in others it is, e.g.:

One of the tickets on rt.debconf.org suggests using tooltips (possibly 
associated with a lightbulb icon) for this. An external wiki could be 
used instead too, if implementing the tooltips is not feasible.

Even if tooltips/wiki links aren't (yet?) implemented, Jummy made 
a lot of progress. You can see yourselfes in the test penta 
installation. Register at 
http://pentatest.debconf.org/penta/user/new_account then go to 
https://pentatest.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc10/person and see how 
things look. Note that these pages aren't linked from 
http://pentatest.debconf.org because this is only a test site.

Report any suggestions you may have :)

> > * Add a check box labeled "Contact me regarding disability 
> > accommodation"
> Just wondering here, it is not better direclty ask them to file 
> a field with their needs and if the info is not clear then mail this 
> people asking for more details?

Sounds good to me (but I am not the one hacking penta nor the one that 
would use the information).

> > * Clarify that the arrival/departure dates and times are meant to 
> > be when you get to or leave NYC on your way to/from the venue, or 
> > else when you get to/from the venue if you're local or sticking 
> > around for tourist stuff.  Arrival/departure number and Transport 
> > are referring to entering/leaving NYC, not municipal subway/bus.
> Maybe it would help here remove the info about the flights/trains/etc that
> is misleading and directly ask "Mark the days you will sleep/eat at the Venue?".
> About the part of "find people on my flight" that we lose, it can be moved to
> the wiki. In the last years, we have this info available in penta very late,
> so moving to the wiki would allow to have it earlier and simplify the
> question in penta.

ACK. Detailed flight info has been removed (on pentatest). What has 
left is the date and time of arrival/departure and a note what to 
enter there:

  "Please enter the dates and times relevant for the conference 
  itself, not those for your whole  visit to New York City or the 
  United States.   For travel coordination among attendees, please use 
  the wiki instead."

      * [wiki:DebConf10 travel coordination page]

Not good enough? Please suggest a better wording :)

> Now some ideas i think could be interesting, nothing highly important:
> * add multiple contanct emergency fields. I have seen some people to 
> add 2-3 people, other people put somebody who will be at debconf and 
> somebody else who will be at home.

sounds good. also sounds like requiring severe changes in penta - i.e.  
using a table instead of two fields.

> * In "general", hide the "title" field? it only has lead to some 
> funny nametags in the past


> * Separate the field "What are you doing for Debian? Why do you 
> request sponsorship?" in:
> "How do you cotribute to Debian?"
> "Why do you request sponsorship"
> and make the second one mandatory if you ask for travel sponsorship.


I find both questions relevant only if asking for sponsorship.  
Indicating this better seems enough. Something like "If you ask for 
food, accommodation or travel sponsorship, please explain why.  Please 
also note how do you contribute to Debian." (% real English)

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