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[Debconf-team] Registration proposal


I'm getting Pentabarf in shape for DebConf10, and I need to get the
registration options nailed down. Unfortunately the professional and
corporate registration fees will need to be higher than in past years, since
the lodging is US$53/bed/night and the catered meals are unlikely to be less
than approximately US$15/person/meal. (Meals could be cheaper if we end up
not doing catered meals, but we should.)

Please read this mail and reply with your thoughts in time for Wednesday's
meeting. I will send a separate meeting reminder email.

Proposed Debian status types (simply renaming the existing ones):

Debian Developer
Otherwise involved in Debian
Not yet involved, but interested
Accompanying a Debian participant
--- please select one ---

Proposed categories:

  --- please select one ---
Basic, want sponsored food and accommodation
Basic, want sponsored food
Basic, want sponsored accommodation
Basic, no sponsored food or accommodation
Professional (650 USD per full or partial week)
Corporate (1300 USD per full or partial week)

Proposed food preferences:

Vegan (strict vegetarian)
Others (contact organizers)
Not eating with the group

(Damyan pointed out that "Omnivore" might be confusing to non-native English
speakers. Richard and I had joked about "Meat Requested" instead - what
would you suggest?)

Proposed accommodation options:

On-campus room
I will arrange my own accommodation

(Richard would prefer more generic terminology instead of "On-campus room",
but the way the database table is structured currently requires a separate
row for each conference, and given that I wanted to satisfy one of the
pentabarf RT tickets collected from IRC, and use a more descriptive name.)

Proposed changes to the registration-related part of penta:

* Hide "Person arrived at venue", reconfirmation, day trip stuff, etc until later
* Add a check box labeled "Contact me regarding disability accommodation"
* Make dc10 the default and put in our logo (duh)
* Clarify that the arrival/departure dates and times are meant to be when you
get to or leave NYC on your way to/from the venue, or else when you get
to/from the venue if you're local or sticking around for tourist stuff.
Arrival/departure number and Transport are referring to entering/leaving
NYC, not municipal subway/bus.
* Remove bank info from the form - we haven't been using these fields lately
anyway, and it's less relevant for a US conference.
* Hide availability tab which we don't use
* Hide description tab; we might later modify this into a "speaker bio" tab
and ask speakers to fill it in


- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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