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Re: [Debconf-team] Registration proposal

-=| Jimmy Kaplowitz, Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 01:59:47PM -0500 |=-
> I'm getting Pentabarf in shape for DebConf10, and I need to get the
> registration options nailed down. Unfortunately the professional and
> corporate registration fees will need to be higher than in past years, since
> the lodging is US$53/bed/night and the catered meals are unlikely to be less
> than approximately US$15/person/meal. (Meals could be cheaper if we end up
> not doing catered meals, but we should.)

Just to save some xcalc invocations, this makes $686 or ~ 477€ per 
week (compared to 300€ we had for DC9)

> Proposed food preferences:
> Vegetarian
> Vegan (strict vegetarian)
> Omnivore
> Others (contact organizers)
> Not eating with the group
> (Damyan pointed out that "Omnivore" might be confusing to non-native English
> speakers. Richard and I had joked about "Meat Requested" instead - what
> would you suggest?)

Mixed (no explicit requirements)

> Proposed changes to the registration-related part of penta:
> * Hide "Person arrived at venue", reconfirmation, day trip stuff, etc until later
> * Add a check box labeled "Contact me regarding disability accommodation"
> * Make dc10 the default and put in our logo (duh)
> * Clarify that the arrival/departure dates and times are meant to be when you
> get to or leave NYC on your way to/from the venue, or else when you get
> to/from the venue if you're local or sticking around for tourist stuff.
> Arrival/departure number and Transport are referring to entering/leaving
> NYC, not municipal subway/bus.
> * Remove bank info from the form - we haven't been using these fields lately
> anyway, and it's less relevant for a US conference.
> * Hide availability tab which we don't use
> * Hide description tab; we might later modify this into a "speaker bio" tab
> and ask speakers to fill it in
> Thoughts?

You rock!

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