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Re: [Debconf-team] Setting a DC10 meeting time [Time-sensitive]


On Montag, 19. Januar 2009, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> Based on the doodle poll, it seems that the only time that can get at least
> one person from all DebConf10 bids plus a reasonable number of
> global-debconf people to attend at the same time is Sunday, January 25th,
> 2100 UTC. Unfortunately this doesn't work for the DebConf9 representative,
> Cesar Gomez Martin (forgive the lack of accent marks).
> Moray and Joerg and I seem to think, based on an IRC discussion, that the
> best way to proceed is to have the first DC10 meeting at that time and
> separate the DC9 meeting to a time which works for Cesar. I do realize
> that, as Holger points out, the DebConf9 meetings right now are more urgent
> than the DebConf10 meetings, but the nature of the schedule conflicts
> suggests that they would re-occur most weeks, so I don't see an alternative
> to having the meetings separately.

I have to agree that this makes sense, when looked at from the DebConf10 

Looking at the same poll from a DebConf9 perspective, it seems logical that 
we'll have the first DebConf meeting this year on monday, the 26th at 21 UTC 
and the topic will be the upcoming DebConf9 :-) (*)

(*) plus maybe the question whether we allow the late coming Quito bid for 
Debconf 10.

Getting the sponsorpack ready, starting with the CfP, opening registration and 
preparing visa invitation letters all need to start soon - DebCamp9 will 
begin in less than 6 months.

Having said this, I also don't know how to decide this now. Grumpf.


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