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[Debconf-team] Setting a DC10 meeting time [Time-sensitive]


Based on the doodle poll, it seems that the only time that can get at least one
person from all DebConf10 bids plus a reasonable number of global-debconf
people to attend at the same time is Sunday, January 25th, 2100 UTC.
Unfortunately this doesn't work for the DebConf9 representative, Cesar Gomez
Martin (forgive the lack of accent marks).

Moray and Joerg and I seem to think, based on an IRC discussion, that the best
way to proceed is to have the first DC10 meeting at that time and separate the
DC9 meeting to a time which works for Cesar. I do realize that, as Holger points out, the DebConf9 meetings right now are more urgent than the DebConf10 meetings, but the nature of the schedule conflicts suggests that they would re-occur most weeks, so I don't see an alternative to having the meetings separately.

Thoughts? If we are going with this, I would like someone OTHER than me who is
NOT affiliated with a dc10 bid to put it in a wiki page /DebConf10/Meetings and
email dc-a and d-d-a with the news, similar to what Holger suggested for the
combined meeting. We should really let people know ASAP since the 25th is in a
week, but it shouldn't be me/Ari/Hector/Jose who sends the mail.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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