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[Debconf-team] Breaking the deadlock: Quito's bid for DC10

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I've been doing some work stuff in Quito, Ecuador[1] for several months
now and I've networked a strong local team of community people, and
local sponsors which is now ready to bid for DC10 in this city.

Quito's not only the capital of Ecuador, a country which has showed a
strong support for free software both in the public (such as Decree
1014) and private sides but is also one of the most treasured
touristical destinations in Latin America.

It was cited as one of the 53 places to go in 2008 by New York Times[2]
and has received such recognitions by other travel guides.

If elected, DC10 would take place in downtown Quito, at the Eugenio
Espejo Convention Center. You can check more information about Quito's
Convention Bureau[3] which reflects the city preparedness for events
such as Debconf. Last year, Quito received more than a million tourists
and businessmen/women from around the world.

- From my very personal point of view, this is one of the most exciting
destinations in Latin America. Lots of people come here in vacations and
end up living in this city because of its quality of living, locals
being devoted to tourists and a huge entertainment offering (including
Galapagos Island and La Mariscal pink zone)

The US dollar is Ecuador's official currency. There are no exchange
restrictions and you don't need to exchange money at arrival. I've been
told by local businessmen/women that money could get into Ecuador and
out of Ecuador with little if any intervention.

Ecuador has recently put in operation a submarine cable which has
greatly improved the nation's independent access to Internet. The
proposed venue has round-the-clock wired and wireless bandwidth Internet
access as well as the proposed lodging places.

The venue is on walking distance of the proposed lodging places.

Besides the local team, I also met city officials and local businessmen
and women which have agreed to help DC10 (they are eager to reflect this
on a written agreement) and actually I was told that the city would be
interested on being an sponsor.

I'm preparing the bid page[4], so it'll be ready for further
discussions. I don't consider this to be "late" -- I think Quito would
make a great bid and actually enriches any discussion/decission to be
made with the other bidders.

Also, I'm open to answer any questions you have regarding this proposal.


[1] http://www.quito.com.ec/index.php?lang=en
[2] http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/09/travel/09where.html?_r=1
[3] http://www.quitoconventions.gov.ec/index.asp?idioma=eng
[4] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/Quito
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