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[Debconf-team] Minutes from today's meeting

We had the postponed meeting today.

First I want to apologise for sending the mail I had promessed on
Saturday, we prepared it in the wiki, but then ran out of time.  The
content of that mail is at:

Basically, the hotel in MDQ (13 de Julio) is giving us some trouble,
because they aren't being too helpful, have increased the prices and
think they might increase them even more, due to the inflation (which
is mainly caused by US crisis).  So, we started exploring other
options.  We wanted to have a clear list to chose from for today, but
we didn't have enough time, we plan to explore these options a bit
more, and then come to a decision.

Venue chosing guidelines

During the meeting, the following things were agreed:

* Conference places (hacklab/talks/rooms/food) shouldn't be separated
more than 200m away. 0m is always better.
* We shouldn't move the conf to Buenos Aires unless we get a better
price for the same quality.
* We will take one more week of exploring options and try to make the
best decision by then.

To better explore these options, Martín Ferrari and Damián Viano will
be going to Mar del Plata in the next few days, and have interviews
with the different alternative hotels, trying to come up with the best

We want to make this decision as soon as possible, but we don't want
to rush it, since the success or failure of the conference depends a
lot on the venue.

Price for Professional Attendees

Due to the inflation, the 250 USD figure no longer really covers the
cost of one person per week.  Thus, we are going to raise the price
for "Professional" attendees to 300 USD from now on. People that have
already registered will be considered "early registrants" (thus,
discounted) while they'll still be invited to pay the extra 50 USD.

Next meeting

Next meeting shall be on Monday May 5th, 20:00 UTC


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