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[Debconf-team] [sponsors@debconf.org: [rt.debconf.org #513] my photo on your DebCon8 site]

Looks like his original mail may not have got through to dc-team. Can
somebody in .ar talk to him please?


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Fri Jan 04 20:38:33 2008: Request 513 was acted upon.
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I can't seem to get a reply from debconf-team@lists.debconf.org regarding
a photo of mine that is being used without permission nor credit.

Page: http://debconf8.debconf.org/about_mdq.shtml.en /
Photo: http://debconf8.debconf.org/images/bife_de_chorizo.jpg

Proper source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/asadoarg/494017584/

The photo is currently "all rights reserved"


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