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Re: [Debconf-team] Regarding DebCamp

Margarita Manterola wrote:
> I'm splitting this into a new thread.
> Talking on IRC about the openness of DebCamp, we tried to come up with
> something of a compromise.
> The idea still is that those that request sponsored DebCamp have to
> state what they plan to do.  But, instead of "I'll go to DebCamp just
> to socialize", the other option would be something like "I have no
> particular plan for DebCamp".
> In that case, they _would have to pay for their stay_, BUT we think we
> can organize daily events, that make those that go to DebCamp without
> knowing what to do, get involved.
> Some possibilities for the daily events:
> * Bug Squashing Party
> * Translation Party
> * Packaging Party
> * Testing Lenny Installation Party
> * Testing Lenny Upgrade-Path Party
> Any other ideas (specially things that are a bit more fun than the
> ones I listed) are welcome.
> Lenny is scheduled to release a couple of months after DebCamp, so I'm
> not totally sure how much Lenny work we can get done, but we can try
> to get as many fixes as possible.

I can make sure there is work for everyone that wants to help :-)



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