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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf9

On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Ana Guerrero wrote:

The problem anyway is that you expect the people offering to organize debconf
be involved in the orga team since at least the year before or have experience
organizing events. And we currently do not have people from Thailand, at
least, as far as i know.

When I attended Asian Mini Debconf 2005 in Beijing I talked to one attendee
comming from Thailand.  Debian and Linux does not seem to be very popular there
and thus I doubt that we will find a really good backbone of Debian interested
persons to run a DebConf.  This might have changed in the last 2,5 years but
I have not seen strongs signs about this (please excuse my ignorance if I
missed something).  BTW, my overall impression was that except of Japan the
connections between Asian countries and the Debian world I know are not very
strong.  There is Sun Wa Linux in China (basically Hongkong) that does really
good stuff for China and some DDs are working in this company that generously
introduced tbm, tolimar and me to the event in Beijing.  But I failed to see
other connections from China to Debian (I might be wrong here as well).

IMHO the main reason for this problem is a language barrier which is made
even worse because of very different fonts.  So my conclusion would be:
Lets investigate into i18n even more, attract people from Asia to Debian,
be able to held DebConf in Asia, take over total world domination.

Kind regards



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