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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-discuss] DebConf9

On 11180 March 1977, martin f. krafft wrote:

>> we have to decide about the location for DebConf9 shortly.
> It's probably good to keep up the pace, but there's still 1/4 of
> 2007 left and you are pushing for 2009?

Because some time ago we decided to have decisions about 2 years in
advance, to have more time for the local team to organise it and also be
involved with the DebConf right before theirs...

>> As we currently "only" have one proposed location for DC9,
>> Extremadura, there is not much need for a decision meeting.
> There is also my Thailand proposal. I don't expect it to stand
> a chance since I have not had time to put it together, but it's
> a proposal nonetheless.

Well. Do you want to have a decision meeting with Thailand included? 
If so - fine, lets have a meeting.

But - does it really have a chance to get selected and so warrants the
time everyone has to invest for such a meeting? While it would sure be
nice to have a DebConf in Thailand *I* dont think we have the neccessary
local team for it. Or anything else prepared as good as for Extremadura.
*IMO* Thailand sounds more like an option for a later DebConf.

>> Including a good reason why you did not speak up during the DC9
>> presentations[2] during DebConf7. :)
> I was giving a presentation.

Thats a reason, yes. :)

bye Joerg
>D. You've just heard about this great program and would like to package
>it, what are your next steps?
I would start off by sighing deeply and wishing I were already a DD. :-)
If I were already a DD, I would perform most of these same steps.  I
would omit the deep sigh and replace it with a gasp of excitement,[...]

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