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Re: [Debconf-team] Some ideas for encouraging sponsors

CC'ing -localteam so I don't have to write two emails :)

On 10/17/07, Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> wrote:

> While reviewing possible argentinian sponsors, I realized that what we
> give back to sponsors is too little.  So I came up with an idea (that
> then turned out not to be that original):

As a coincidence, two days ago we have a chat with Gunnar about the
same lines, and I promised to mail -team, forgot, and now marga
reminded me of that :)

What we chatted about was the insight Gunnar adquired from YAPC::EU,
which he attended in August. The starting point is the same: we
realise that we don't give enough to our sponsors for their money.

> We could print a short magazine, that includes interesting info about

We were thinking of something similar. There is also a small web space
we could give to the sponsors in dc8.dc.o so they can put a corporate
presentation and the like.

> the conf, about Mar del Plata, about Argentina, DebConf schedule,
> talks abstracts, etc.  And in this magazine include ads from the
> sponsors.  The size and amount of the adds would depend on how much
> the sponsor gave us, but we would still give a nice space to those
> that didn't give that much.

I think this is a very good idea, that could complement -or even
replace- the proceedings we usually print. But knowing that the debian
day would not be held in Mar del Plata, maybe another, smaller, piece
should be prepared for that, as many sponsors (specially local or
small) are likely to be much more interested in reaching people from

> Another thing we could give sponsors is encourage them to have a stand
> at the DebianDay place, again, this is particularly useful for local
> sponsors, since DebianDay attendees are mainly local people.

We were discussing this too, also some sponsors could be interested in
having a "job fair" to recruit some geeks from the crowd. In CafeConf
we've seen a stand from an outsourcing company (based in Buenos Aires)
which was there with that intent. Intel came to mind too, with their
big development center in Córdoba.

Also, we could continue having a few stands during debconf, like we
had in dc7 with O'Reilly; which didn't hurt at all.

As a final thing, Gunnar suggested forwarding this to some people from
YAPC, that maybe can give us some hints. So Gunnar, it's up to you now

Cheers, Tincho.

Martín Ferrari

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