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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf.org maintenance: now til Sunday

On 11155 March 1977, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> we are migrating all those services that currently run on the machine
> cmburns.debconf.org away from it, over to krabappel.debconf.org (in XEN
> domains there).

As that did work pretty good and we had nearly no complaints for the
whole week - this weekend cmburns itself gets moved. Basically it will
get splitted into multiple Xens, but that are details.

More important is: That means outag for all the stuff that machine
hosts, from various DNS entries, the mail relay but also all the websites
(www, db, debconfX (0-6,8), debianday, media, munin).

This will happen between now and Sunday (7 October) evening. Its a huge
change, as we aren't only moving from one machine to another but also
upgrade apache (1.x to 2.x) and split the services into multiple
machines. cmburns is our oldest debconf.org machine and as such has got
a lot of cruft which I plan to sort a bit... :)

bye Joerg
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Remove the passphrase from the (secret) gpg key and post it to
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