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[Debconf-team] Minutes 20070613


 - Badges are now sorted.
 - O'Reilly forgot the bags - they will ship ASAP but we're not likely
   to get them until Friday.  We will need to get some alterative bags
   or pile things to stuff more quickly.
 - Otherwise registration is working


 - Wired network still working well.
 - Wireless network is working well, too have excess capacity.
 - Took a look at other building today.  Looks easy to wire.  Using the
   Infoseed DSL for now.  Kitty will help finish cabling our current
   space there shortly.
 - Wireless link due tomorrow.  Had a look through the area to set it up
   in Teviot thanks to help from Teviot.  Looks good from there but need
   to have a look at the night venue side still.

Late night venue:

 - Need people to keep it open.  sgran to open the venue tonight but
   doesn't want to keep it open all night.  Need volunteers.
 - Will shut the venue if it's too empty.
 - Not been that much demand for it.
 - Probably don't need additional power in the night venue just yet.


 - Need to think about preparing another hacklab.  Some indecision about
   which one.


 - Debian t-shirt, HP t-shirt will be handed out separately as will the
   badges and food tokens.
 - Linux Magazine, map, books.
 - Food tickets will *not* be replaced.
 - Most tourist/city information can be easily obtained in hostels and


 - Debian UK banner has turned up.  ~5mx1m.  Will be put on the front of
   the building.

Problem attendees:

 - If we have any serious problems with people making trouble we can
   just throw them out.


 - Phil has sorted out the problems with late arrivals - we'll book them
   in in advance.  Put a note on the door of Cowgate giving people a
   phone number & directions to use if they arrive directly there.

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