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[Debconf-team] Status Tuesday 12th

(minutes from Broonie)


 - Wouter was thanked for his musical contribution.

 - Meetings should start on time, not wait for people in future.


 - We have badge stuff.  We should be able to hand badges out tomorrow - no
   sign of bags so we won't wait for them.

 - Food tickets done and we're starting to hand them out; a few problems with
   people leaving in July but Neil is on top of those.

 - Bags are dribbling in slowly, and some of the contents too.  Sledge to
   chase Josette Garcia.

 - Need a place to store bags and stuff.


 - Teviot are going to give students and parents a tour up to Costa on
   Friday.  We need to ensure that people have their badges but other
   than that not much doing.

 - Some possibility of moving the registration desk but to be discussed on


 - Wired is working well.

 - Wireless working pretty well with only a small number deployed.

 - Equipment ordered for the point to point link to Forest, due to arrive
   on Thursday morning.

 - Wiring for Teviot is done.


 - Ring main will be used for the Hacklabs for now.  If there is a problem Ents
   have agreed to give us access to the higher power.


 - We have enough access to start setting up stuff in Forest.


 - Phil has almost sorted everything, they're happy but he needs to finish
   off talking to them.

 - Should make sure Cowgate is happy too.  (action Phil.)


 - There's a list in the wiki.  Everyone should update the wiki with things
   that they need.


 - We need to use proper power adaptors; Teviot's health and safety guys do
   care about this.

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